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Welcome to Malachi Mastiffs. Our dogs are inside-raised and loved as part of the family that includes cats, fish and various other animals arriving on our doorstep from time to time. Adults and puppies are well socialized and in various stages of doing so from lots of trips to Farmers Market, working towards their C.G.C. and going along with Mom to spread their love and kisses at area Nursing Homes. We look for type, temperament, health & longevity when purchasing a Mastiff and strive to produce the same in any litters produced by us.

When considering the purchase of a Mastiff please take note that they are not a dog that does well left alone for long periods or outside in the elements. They love their family and need to be by them in a warm, safe environment. They are happiest when they can follow you from room to room and lay on top of you when you are resting. They are a lot of work...shedding, lots of water mess and slobber placed randomly on your best outfits, pictures hanging on walls and any chandelier or light fixture within a twelve foot high radius. Many a slinger has outlined the top of our walls as a border. You need a good sense of humor, a lot of love, and a fair amount of patience to have a Mastiff. They bond very strongly with their families. Changing families can be extremely traumatic for them. A Mastiff is at least a 10 YEAR commitment. Vet visits are also expensive due to meds being administered according to the weight of the dog. Please do your research as to what meds Mastiffs can and cannot tolerate; not every vet is familiar with this and it is literally a matter of life or death with some of the anesthesia. All this aside...if you can handle the constant cleaning, they are one of the most devout, loyal, loving and amusing dogs we have ever had the joy of owning.

Puppy and stud contracts available upon request. We will do a reference check for all potential puppy buyers...Most pups go out on limited contract. Show potential pups on a co-own contract only.


Phone: 563-564-5152